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    GH is the answer

    Just thought I'd post my cycle and my results thus far:
    Started out at 195lbs (88kg) @ 9% bodyfat 22 years old

    Been doing this cycle for 5 weeks now:
    GH @ 4 i.u. every even day
    Winstrol Depot @ 2ml every odd day
    4 litres of water per day

    Weight - 207lbs (93.4kg) @ 6.1% bodyfat
    Bodyfat measured in a BodPod analyser (similar to water displacement but using air displacement - accurate to 0.3%)

    Monday - Chest
    Tuesday - Biceps
    Wednesday - Shoulders
    Thursday - Back
    Friday - Triceps
    Saturday - Legs (Pain Day)
    Sunday - Moderate intensity cardio for about 70 mins

    This is my second cycle after a Deca cycle about 8 months ago. Taking things much more serious now. Any ideas for improvements/next cycles?

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    Wow I think I would be asking for ideas too if I were you. Lets see first off you did a deca only cycle for #1. With a name like WarCry I'm sure the crying was coming from your girlfriend and your man unit from your bout with ED. Also I have the feeling that you may receive lots of flames for choosing GH at 22 yrs old. No one I know advocates GH at that age outside of aspiring pro bodybuilders. And besides are you afraid of the big bad test wolf? Cycles without test are about as good as Christopher Reeves in a Long Ball Challenge.

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