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    Question about my test cycle

    this is my first cycle and im running denkall test-400, my plan is to run 1cc a week for 10 weeks, im past my 5th shot and just wondering if i should up my shot to 1.5cc for the next few weeks, or will the extra be a waste? also, my friend is running sus-250 and is doing 1cc for 10 weeks, i personally dont think its enough, what do u guys think? ty for the help

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    t400 tends to be very painfull, try to stack with some EQ or deca , it will take all the pain out of the shot and your results will be 10 times better.

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    bro i would keep the t400 at 400mg/wk or maybe 1.25cc (500mg) for your first, your buddy should up his though to 500mg/wk, jmo, what do some of you other bros think

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