Im a newbie with little experience but thought Id share my results and conclusions. I just took my last M1T pill yesterday and start PCT tomorrow. I am a 25 years old and 6'0" with an ungodly high metabolism and have tried a million ways to gain weight without getting a fat gut forever and just started trying again 3 months ago.
Early April I was 152 lbs.
April and May I started again with CytoGainer Protein shakes - 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 at night after working out. My schedule unfortunately doesnt allow for me to keep my diet consistent but since April I eat between 250-350g of protein a day, 400-500 carbs (complex), and 3,500-5,000 calories. By early June I was up to 164 when I started my M1T cycle. My M1T cycle went like this:
Week 1 - 10mg a day ( 1 tablet in the morning, 1 in the evening)
Week 2-3 15mg ed (morning, noon, evening)

I am now up to 183lbs and hoping I dont loose much of it.

I didnt use any 4AD just because Im a fairly lethargic person anyway due to thyroid issues and didnt notice a huge difference in lethargy. The main bad side effect which really only affected me the past week was intense lower back pain. I found something just yesterday though that helped that - some BenGay patches. I used 3 patches - 1 on my spine and 2 kinda where my butt meets my back and it seems to be helping alot.

Another issue was my liver. I had bloodwork done before I started the M1T and just had bloodwork done about 4 days ago and got the results today and my liver enzymes shot up. Not lethally high but high enough for my doctor to be concerned so I have to have bloodwork done again in 2 weeks so Ill post those results as well.

Overall I think it is well worth $10. Now Im just waiting to get this PCT over with over the next few weeks so I can start my Test E/DBol /Deca cycle.