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    Test 400 and Winny

    I just got 10cc of test 400 and 10cc of winny. I am worried about the test 400 now though after reading posts of how painful it is. I am a baseball player and I have to be able to move around and play everyday without being extremely sore. Some posts say 1.5 cc a week and some say no more than 1cc per week. What do you guys recommend? How much each day and week? I anxious to get started but I am just worried about being too sore to play ball. Anyone with experience?

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    Mostly depends where you shoot. I've read btdr saying if its in the calfs you can't walk. I'm pretty sure you will be sore in just about every place you shoot test 400. You can get more feedback if you post this in the steroid forum..

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    For a start i wouldnt recommend shooting more than 1cc and if your worried about manouverability then all i can say is good luck!.What i found is that glutes are the place that hindered me less but its still some painfull ****.As far as dosage with the t400 i would shoot 1/2cc twice a week for 10 weeks i cant help you with the winny because i dont think you have enough so i wouldnt know wat to recommend.It will help if you cut the t400 with some b12 or sterile oil.Good luck.

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