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    CYCLE diet diet diet CYCLE

    I want food.

    I am doing the anavar and test thing right now then I will be going to primo and winny. I'm going into week 7 of my dieting and now starting to rip. I see the light at the end in 7 weeks. It looks like french fries.

    I'm hoping to put on some more size over the next 7 weeks. That is all.

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    ALA can help a lot too in bulking and cutting
    around 600-1000mgs/day keep the carbs low and up the protein and fats...if you dont know ginger root at 500-1000mgs RIGHT before each meal can help you take down more protein like 80g+...if you are on elite MARCO had a post on that do a search for ginger root

    and has cheap prices on ALA

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