1st time and Iíll keep where and how I got my gear to myself.
For a 1st timer and vets I went with Test E 500mg per week, Prop 75-100mg EOD (had big probs with the Prop) and Deca 200mg per week (all QV). Along with Halo well into my cycle. I know vets are saying this is way to much and for those that want to start a cycle LISTEN TO THE VETS it is and Iíll get into that a little more. But took my 1st shot in the azz all 3cc of E, Prop and Deca. I have no problems with needles however the pain the next morning was a b*tch. In kept me from even training. Other than that no other effects. Day 2 however I was soÖirritated, a road rage kind of attitude towards anythang and anyone. I was very hard for people close to me to deal with but I did train. My azz was still killing me (as well as any where I injected) but I sucked it up. This went on for about 2 Ĺ weeks and I was sick off and on and missed more training in these 2 Ĺ weeks than I did in years. It was so bad with the injections sites and feeling like sh*t that I wanted to drop the gear all together. Anyway I made changes and dropped the Prop and Deca up the E to 750mg a week and did something that I think sounds good. Which was instead of injecting all in one spot. Spit the injections up into 3 or 4 to reduce the pain. At around week 3 things started to kick in. After 2 weeks of being sick I had a surge of horniness and energy. My training in the gym was eye opening and all most scary. Weight I struggled with I was throwing up easily. I put on 10lbs in 4 weeks and the pumps (In bed and the gym) are still going. I threw Halo (25mg) in a week ago and itís hard to say what itís doing but I am getting stronger and bigger. But Iíll give the Halo more time. The only problem at this time. Is that I have to run everyday and itís kicking my azz to run with this weight. I will keep yall posted