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    Question First cycle??????

    Well, first of all I want to thank congratulate you for this great place, I want to start my first cycle but I must say I am a little confused,. I am from Argentina and I can say that here you can get steroids pretty easy, but there is also a problem, here drugstores buy the main drugs and manofacture the pills by themselves (ex: 10 mg winny tablets), the stuff is real çause a friend run a lab test on the drugs, and also I found some AS that I though they did not exist (nandrolone in pills).
    I have been training for about 5 years (I am 24 now), supplement with protein powder, creatine, glutamine, ZMA and flaxseed oil.
    I want to do a cycle to bulk up, my goal is no more than 15 pounds, but I dont really know what to use. I was thinking of taking the oral winny combined with sustanon once a week, but there are so many choices that I dont really know what to choose. Here is a list of the available steroids , keep in mind that I do want to use the least toxic ones if possible:-Halotestin , Methyltestosterone , Nandrolone, Oxandrolone, Anadrol ,
    Testosterone ,Prop , Dianabol , Stanozolol (all this are oral)
    Also, sustanon, testosterone, dianabol, stanozolol (all injectable).

    Ok, thanks for all and your help will be really apreciated.

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    stay away from anadrol 4 ur first cycle, just do sommitlike sustanon & dianobol if ya wanna bulk up......

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