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    mid cycle question

    I have a question about weather or not I should change up the cycle that I am doing now.

    I am on week 4.5 out of an 11 week cutting cycle of a fina 75 mg EOD, test prop 100 mg EOD, and clen with two days on, two off. Anyway, I started this cycle at about 12 % bf, 200 lbs, and now I am under 5 %, 185 the same shorts fit me now than when I ran track at over 100 miles per week, so I have definatley leaned out, but I still kept most of my mass, eating around 2000 clories per day.

    Since Im not doing any shows and have my abs and a lot of veins (or basically, im as cut as I wanted to be) I am going to just keep my bf the same, but now try to incrase my lean mass by eating really clean but increasing my calories to 4000 to 4500 and still doing cardio a lot. I am also going to increase the test prop to 100 mg ED.

    Sorry for the long intro, but my question is this:
    I have 200 d bol, 5 mg, and I was woundering your opinion of starting them now for say 30 mg per day for the next 5 weeks, which would put me at say 10 weeks, but I have enough test prop to increast my cycle to 15 weeks, and I could get more fina to also increase it to 15 weeks. I also have nolva and clomid, so I will take the nolva if I take the d bols. What do you think? Add the d bols in the middle of my cycle, and increase my cycle to 15 weeks or just increase the prop and calories with no d bol? Also, my body reacts really well with d bol, and I have made really good gains from it before, but it was, of coarse, started in the beginning of my cycle.

    Also, if this helps, my cycle would end up looking like this:
    Fina 75 mg EOD weeks 1-15
    D Bol 30 mg weeks 5 - 10
    Test Prop 100 mg EOD weeks 1 - 5, and 100 mg Ed weeks 6 - 15

    any comments would be greatly appreciated

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    'but it was started in the middle of my cycle.'

    make that beginning of my cycle, and will the d bols have a major affect since the test and fina have kicked in?

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