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    first cycle t-400

    Here is my cycle im on week 7
    test 400 1-10 at 400wk
    dbol 25mg ed 1-4
    nolva 1-13 10mg ed
    clomid week 13 pct

    I took some advice and waited to get my diet in check i went from 5' 10 " 202lbs at 16% bf to 11%bf at 189 pounds before the cycle.ive been working out for 6 years and didnt gain any strength or size for the past year.

    The t-400 isnt to painful injections swell up for few days after, painful to the touch but not bad at all.
    my strength in through the roof ever increasing sex drive is awesome.My body is in a transformation
    current stats
    arms 17" before 16"
    chest 48" before 45 1/2
    legs 26 1/2 inch before 25
    forearm 14 1/2
    waist 33"
    calves 16"

    my deadlift is up 50 lbs to 435
    bench press flat 320 clean up from 275
    squat 425x8 from 335 max

    im at 198pds in the morning and i havent had it checked again yet but my bodyfat is down more. im getting some good cuts too the diet in check helps not holding much water after the dbol was done ,some puffiness in the face.
    i will post the before in after pics when completed with this cycle.
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