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    RATM's 9 month venture

    Ok. I have been reading, posting, and observing many threads on here. I have decided that I will start a thread diary (my first) and post as often as possible regarding my preparation for my upcoming show. Ok, so its not that upcoming. It not until June of 2005. Either way, I plan to come to that show my absolute best, regardless of my placing. Before I continue, I need to thank some people. Mass, BDTR, Swolecat, Da Bull, Loz, Pheedno, and Lean Me Out. Although not directly, the advice that they give on a daily basis has helped me plan my diet, cardio and cycle.


    I am a firm beleiver that diet is THE most important aspect of a sound program/cycle. My wife will soon pop out our little boy. Needless to say, I have succumbed to eating as she has for the past month or so. I took a nice break from everything, and I have packed on the pounds. Not many, maybe 10 or so, but I have since became somewhat soft. This isnt really a cutting diet, nor is it a mass building diet. It obviously isnt a pre contest diet. It is more of a getting back into the swing of things and lean out some while I try to put on quality muscle. I am not looking to gain 30 pounds or so. In fact, at 230 right now, I would consider it a HUGE success if I weighed the same in 4 months but dropping a considerable amount of BF and gaining muscle. With that in mind, this is what I came up with.

    Meal 1.
    1/2 cup oats
    40 grams whey
    1 teaspoon flax

    meal 2.
    40 grams whey (shaker bottle)

    meal 3
    6 oz chix
    1/2 cup cooked rice

    meal 4
    2 slices whole grain bread
    40 grams whey

    meal 5
    same as 3

    meal 6
    6 oz chix
    1 cup steamed broccoli

    meal 7
    40 grams whey

    I didnt figure out the calories of the breakdown. I am not concerned with that right now. When I start the actual pre contest diet, I will be much more precise with the caloric intake and breakdown. On the surface, this is very clean for me and will get me on the right track. Also there will be cheat days, maybe once a week, maybe twice, maybe none. It wont be the whole day, but if the wife wants pizza or sushi then I will for that meal.

    Training and Cardio.

    My firefighting schedule and teaching schedule make it impossible for me to have a set schedule. Cardio will be done at least once a day and as often as possible twice. 40 min sessions consisting of a combination of elliptical machine, treadmill and recumbant bike. I will be shooting for a caloric expenditure of 350-450 calories per session. Training will be done each day i am not on duty, so I will always have a 2 on 1 off schedule. Heavy weights, 8-10 rep range. I am going to concentrate on my legs and biceps as that is my weak points IMO. Training will be done either at 8am or 6pm, depending on my teaching schedule with 1 cardio session to follow. As i said earlier, I will do at least one session in the early AM before i eat meal one.


    This will by far be the longest, most intricate cycle for me. To this point, i have only done dual AS while cycling. Test/deca for one, and test/eq for one and fina alone for another. Here is the cycle.

    4 months total.
    1 cc of t250 every 3 days for 17 weeks
    1 cc of 200 eq every 3 days for 16 weeks
    from week 8-16...
    1 cc Fina homebrew 75mg (conservative estimate)
    40 mg Anavar

    Liquidex at .25mg ED unless i feel puffy then i will bump it to .50
    milk thistle for the anavar and liver
    Vitamin C
    ECA daily before cardio
    Multi Vitamin daily

    Of course, Pheedno's PCT.

    This is the cycle for the 1st 4 months. The plan is to bridge with dbol over xmas and then do a 4 month pre-contest cycle and diet that will bring me in at exactly 198 for the show.

    Please feel free to critique, bash, flame, whatever, I dont start until Sept. 1st, so I have a few days to tweek it. I will post before and after pics when i am done with cycle number 1. I will try to post updates as often as possible. For nothing else, it will allow me to look back and see where i might have succeded or made mistakes.

    Thanks again to all!

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