my stats
height 5'7''
weight 182 lbs

my summer cycle (avice please)

weeks 1-12
50 mg of ** winny ed
80 mg of fina ed (make to solution in the syringe itself with 4/20 mg tabs)
100 mg of viramone eod
weeks 13-20
six clen a day(i will be taking the clen on a 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off schedule ew)
weeks 3,6,9,12, and 15
5000ui of hcg
weeks 13-15 (start a week after last shot)
100 mg of clomid ed weeks 1 and 2
50 mg of clomid ed week 3

should i add anything to the cycle? (steroid or anti-estrogen or anti- aromtase)
what results can i expect?
since i want to stay lean what should my diet be like?
or anything else i forgot