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    Exclamation Send Me A Couple Of Lines Please!!!!

    Well, after researching a lot, I am just about to start my first cycle, so I little help would really be a good thing, I am planning to do this as my first cycle:

    Week 1-8: 500 mg/week Testoviron or Sustanon (need help to decide)

    Week 1-4: 30 mg/day D-bol (maybe less???)
    Week 5-8: 50 mg/day Winny
    Clomid: 3 days after last winny, 300 mg 1 day, then 100 mg for 10 days and 50 mg for 10 more days.
    Also some liver-protector (have not decide one yet)

    question: Is it ok if I include some Nolvadex in the cycle even dough I dont get gyno sympthoms??? How much if I take it??
    Is D-Bol + Winny too much for a first cycle???
    Should I use less D-bol?? (maybe too much for a first-tiimer???)
    Sustanon or Testoviron??? I know that Testoviron is supossed to be better for a first-timer because it is easy for your body to deal with one kind of test than to deal with 4, but I read almost every review that I found and almost all of them say that Sust is better than Testoviron, fewer side efects and water retention. Would like a word about this.
    Let me know what you think...thanks......

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    what are your stats? age, height, weight, traning experience, etc...That will help everyone answer your questions. I wouldn't run two 17aa in the same cycle. If it where a 10 week cycle I can see you running 1-4 dbol and say in week 9 start winny and run it for 4 weeks. That sould be enough time between the two. just my opinion.

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    Question My stats

    Here are my stats: I am 26, 5'11", 175 lbs, been training for almost 7 years. I also tought that using two oral steroids like D-Bol and Winny was too much, I think I will stick with winny only. what do you think??? (For quality gains), I dont really want to be bloated. My main goal is to get quality muscle, And maybe the winny will help me.
    What do you think of this cycle:

    Week 1-8: 500 mg/week sustanon or testoviron ....dont know yet??
    week 1-6: 50 mg/day winny????
    week 1-8: 10 mg/day nolvadex
    clomid: 2 weeks after last shoot of testosterone , 300 day 1, 100 mg 10 days, and 50 mg for 10 more days. Liver protector all the way as well.
    Keep in mind that I am not looking for "explosive"results, just quality gains. Thanks

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    ok sustanon made in pakistan is good and sustanon is better then the testo.....take one tab proviron and and 1 tab nolvadex if i were u right from the start better care full then sorry...a comon mistake...

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