what would I expect? any changes. I know you guys are going to say I am not eating enough but my body is very anabolic and very anti-catabolic . I have to starve it to loose weight!

stats 212lbs 9.9% hopeing 195lbs 5-6% for spring break!
week 1-8 test enanthate 400mg
week 2-8 t-3 200mg taper down
week 8-13 bladderwreck (t-3 recovery)
clen 2weeks on off with eca
0.25mg liquadex
5-6g cla

3weeks of pct

1.breakfats salsa 4egg(4w+one yolk) + 2 whole wheat bread
2.tuna with 2 whole wheat toast
3. slim fast with milk+banana
4. 2shakes+milk+oatmeal
5. 2 weinersor two breast +veggie+potato
6.maybe no-suger jello

workout- not sure if I want to add a fifth day of cardio! and cardio is not in the morning becuase of my ****ed up schedule. best I do!
mon- workout(chest,thighs and ham abs) cardio 45minutes after workout
tues- calves, bi's cardio
wednesday- tri's abs 45minutes cardio
thursday- off
friday- shoulder, cardio morning 45minutes
saturday back,abs
sunday 45minutes cardio in the morning