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Thread: need some help!

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    need some help!

    hey guys i need some help im just trying to get alot fo feeed back on what kinda goodies i should get for my next cycle...i was thinking about kicking it off with some anadrol 50 for 4 weeks then some tren and test E and EQ? feel free to give me feedback let me know what u guys like.. and what worked well for u .... im looking to bulk up but still stay nice and lean...also has anyone ever heard of a tren that u can shot once a week as oppossed to ed or eod? let me know

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    i did test-e, 250/week for 10 weeks and ran nolva the whole cycle, i gained about 16 and kept 12. i think you should do test-e 500mg/week and run deca 300mg/week. if i could redue my cycle, i would of done this...good luck, make sure you EAT and REST. thats most important oh and train hard..

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