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    Mar 2002

    transdermal fina

    has anyone had good results with trans fina?

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    I'll find out in about 7 weeks,plan on startting next week

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    60-80% absorbtion.. horrible fucking smell, burns like hell, rash plus all the other sides like hurting kidneys! not worth it! just jab that ish! plus somehow it makes it to ur saliva glands and then u taste it! plan on getting zero pooty-tang! you will be a big, kidney aching garlic roll! id rather go with just big and kidney aching. but if u drink enough cranberry juce and take cran extract plus some other kidney pills you will be just super!

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    hated it. didn't burn, but did dry the crap out of my skin, enough to make me peel. no rash though, and certainly no kidney pain was doing 100mg/d too so maybe about 75mg got into my system based on what others say but based on past inject results I would say about 20mg made it into my bloodstream out of the 100 I put on my skin.

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    im going into week 4. Up 14 pounds and the only side so far is crazy strength and a little case of fina dick. I started with 120 ed but i bumped it up to 160ed. When i stop dbol , i'll bump it up to 200ed for the last two weeks. My advice is to try it. Personally i will inject next time.

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    I have heard some fina gives you problems after injecting

    large knots or whatever.. is this true or just something that COULD happen if you do not study and learn before you jump in?

    Personally i need lots more time before i am ready for a cycle but all the info i can get will only help me later

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    Transdermal sucks . Just convert and inject.

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