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    Winny only Cycle for five weeks

    Just figured I would throw in my results...I will have pictures up shortly as well.

    I ran a Winny Only cycle for 5 weeks...approx 1ml/50mg eod. I honestly went from 194lbs to 210lbs. I have been lifting consistently for 5 years now...I had a tendency to get intense for 4 or 5 months and then lose it...but decided to get a bit more serious with it now. I had knee surgery in February,., so I have been loyal with lifting since. Just got back into legs a few months ago lightly and did not want to overdue things so I decided to just go with Winny. Most notable increase was on bench press. Went from 225@8 reps to 255@eight reps. Also noticed significant strength gains in my back with rows of all forms. I didn't expect to have puffy nipples with winny only, but I got em so nolvadex and clomid will be in all future cycles. Next cycle I plan on running 10 weeks with 500mg Test E/week and stack it with Deca and Nolvadex. I will run the cycle from the novice cycle link on the main AR page. Great site here and thanks to the vets and mods for all the great input,,,,,unfortunately I didnt listen so me and my puffy nipples will have to pray they unpuff.....should have taken nolva...Pics within a few days guys....
    Also diet was basically eating everything in site....I stayed above 3500 calories a day. I am 6'2" and went from 194 to yes im a bit thin. Thanks again folks

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    you gained all that from winny only...

    i dont know many people that would run winny only
    but thats impressive

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    thats really on winny onlyright now its my 2 cycle week so far im at 199lbs i was 194lbs..didnt really see much in strength, however, ive been eating really clean under 2500 cals...and u said u were eating everything in site?? and still maintain low BF? thats awesome
    what u mean that u got puffy nipples....?? i though winny was anti-estrogen it shouldnt cause that

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJ_22
    i though winny was anti-estrogen
    far from it

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    must have hush or cyber-
    i know this thread is like 5 months old...but it made me laugh...a lot

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    I was actually considering a winny only cycle myself for 6 I'm just wondering when to start the nolvadex and

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