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    1st cycle sus/deca/d-bol!

    im 25 been lifting now for bout 6 yrs on and off, my height is 6 ft weigh bout 180. looking to start cycle for bout 12 wks and then go back to natural reason being that i dont think i should be on them much longer than that as my doctor said i have a large heart(which i read can get bigger with gear through exercise) at a recent ecg scan as i was getting chest pains - i think from the marajuana and fags! quit them now 5 wks! goin strong!
    any way gona do
    1-12 wks Sus-250
    1-10 deca & maybe-200
    1-3 d-bol-15mg

    nolva ech day clomid pct

    can i mix both deca and sus in same syringe to eliminate any pain from inj as i read sus can b sore!
    ps - how much can i expect to gain and in turn keep! provided i eat like a ****er!!

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    steroid forum

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    hows your diet look

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    just a note jack your dbol upto 35mg a day, one shot of sus 250 and one shot of deca 200 a week is a little low, but it is your first cycle so that should be okay for your inj. but i would raise the dbol upto 35ed and even keep it up to week 4, and dont forget your pct.

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