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Thread: 3 weeks down -

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    G-S Guest

    3 weeks down -

    3 weeks have been completed, and have taken the 1st shot of my 4th week. Cycle is as follows -

    SUST 500
    Deca 400
    DBOL 40 ed
    Arimidex .25 ed.

    Clomid will follow.

    Anyways, I started at 212 lbs, and just jumped off the scale straight outta the shower. Tipped in at 227 1/2. That's 15 lbs in 3 weeks. Best part is, I feel the SUST/DECA is just beginning to kick in.

    Now, if I could only combat this pain better. And, I must be prone to this sust flu everyone talks about, cuz it seems I am running a fever a coupla days out of the week.

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    RiptUp is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2002
    Sweet. What brand of gear you using?

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    Shredz is offline Respected Member
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    are u talking about the pain from the prop in the sust...try poping some advil...

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    G-S Guest
    I'm talkin about the pain period. The pain that sets in about 12 hours after the shot, and damn near cripples me for 2-3 days.

    It's ** gear, so that should explain it.

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    RiptUp is offline Junior Member
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    Is it all **? Oils and tabs?

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    G-S Guest

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    good luck on the cycle

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    Hang in there bro it will go away soon , take some advil flu med's it helps me !

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