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    Question help: decreased sex drive with m1t cycle

    Had a question regarding my current M1t cycle, and I would be very grateful if you could help me: I am on my third week of a pro – hormone cycle. 15 mg M1t per day and transdermal 4ad, 10 spray shots per day. Results have been good: around 5 kg (11 lb) weight gain in these 3 weeks, noticeable muscle tone increase, huge pumps when training, and no noticed side effects, except from a significant libido loss.

    To be precise, it’s not a libido loss (i feel horny the whole day) but a decrease in my sex drive (plainly speaking: hard-ons are more rare and don’t last). I am beginning to worry: honestly, I like having bigger muscles, but I prefer my penis doing his job properly.

    This is not my first pro – hormone cycle. I did my first one seven months ago, using anabol-x and Metabol. Muscle gains were great and I had no libido loss at all. On the contrary: hard-ons were amazing, my libido boosted and I’ve got to confess I got lots of new sex partners with my bigger muscles.

    I would like to know if any of you have noticed the same in m1t cycles. Is it transitory? Should I reduce the dosage or end the cycle? I was thinking about taking 6-oxo for Post cycle therapy ; should I start now?

    I am 35 years old, 1,89 cm, 93 kg. 5 years seriously weight lifting. No roids before, just the pro-hormone cycles

    Thak you for your help.

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    Bro, I would not rely on the 6-oxo alone for PCT. Take a look at the M1T FAQ as it has the proper PCT. Nolva and Clomid should be taken as well as other things. As far as libido is concerned, I would pick up some tribulus and perhaps some longjack powder. Maybe that will help.

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    yea.. anyway that cycle shouldnt be run for more than 4 weeks straight w/o some time off or PCT.. Dont go with 6-oxo- this is a serious matter.. get the nolva and u will be FINE

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    m1t gave me a brick 24/7

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