The week after next i will start my cutting cycle and i plan to log it. Here's what it'll consist of.

3 Weeks on 1 week off, then 3 weeks on

First 3 weeks will be supplemented with:

Enhanced CLA
Xenedrine NRG
Vaso Pro
SNAC Nightcap
Protein (Post Workout)
Daily One Caps

Week off will just be Protein, ZMA, CLA and Multi-v's

Second 3 weeks will include:

Enhanced CLA
S.A.N. Tight
Vaso Pro
Z-Mass PM
Protein (Post Workout)
Daily One Caps

Morning cardio (empty stomach)

8am light breakfast
10am light snack
12pm lunch
2pm Pre workout meal
3pm weight training
5pm Post workout meal
7pm light meal
9pm zma
10pm bed

Training is intense along with the cardio, i'll be doubling up weeks, Meaning that the the first muscle i train on monday will also be trained friday.

Mon -[B]Shoulders[B/]
Tue - Back/Bi's
Wed - Chest/Tris
Thr - Legs/Abs
Fri - [B]Shoulders[B/]

Then rotate that with the other 3 parts and what not.

Cardio is about 45 mins - 1 hour of treadmill, stationary bike, or boxing with a heavy bag

I think i have a good plan. If anyone wants specifics, i have it in a word file, just say the word and i'll get you a copy.

So at last, here are my stats:

BF% 16-18?

Yeah, This will be interesting to say the least, any comments or questions about it let me know, peace.

- Al