haven't posted much recently.. changed jobs and routines a few times..

Now i'm back.. i got my routine down, my diet in serious check and still improving, and my body feels ready.. i haven't missed a workout in 3 months and i've really never felt physically better.. prior to my year of sparatic training i trained for nearly 8 years..

i'm starting with test prop 100 mg eod for 10-12 weeks , i'll kick in fina around week four or five and finish it with the prop and maybe even a bit past it..

i've got nolva and letro on hand for any issues that may arise, i think i may even start the nolva from day one just to be safe.. i got a touch of gyno from some dbol last time.. don't feel like going through that again..

i've also started taking a natural serum test booster called unleashed, the only place i've found it is on proteinfactory.com... it makes quite a difference and my friends who've done the cycle i'm begginning said the unleashed made all the difference.. one felt it doubled his gains.. as far as i'm concerned if it helps and it's natural fire it up...