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    Thumbs up Test ent/Var/Winny cycle!!!!!!

    Whats up guys, im on my 6 week of my cycle any everything is great so far. Heres my cycle

    wk 1-12 750mg test ent
    wk 1-6 25mg btg var ed
    wk 7-14 50mg eod winny
    wk 1-14 nolvdex 10mg ed
    wk 16-18 clomid 300/100/50
    wk 20 hcg ?
    wk 22-29 25mg ed btg var!!!!
    wk 7-? finast for my hair lol

    So far i gained 10lbs and im not holding to much water, im really hard and veiny from the var and my strength went up alot. Its funny it seems like im bulking up and cutting up at the same time im loving it!!This is my third cycle and my stat were 185lbs 5"10 25%bf 24yrs old.. Can i take the finast with my cycle for my hair? Let me know what you guys think or what else should i do...

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    i would run winni ED not EOD
    finasteride will not help with winni as it is a DHT derivative
    I would bump the var up a hare
    your PCT should start the day after your last winstrol
    I would stop the cycle after PCT

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