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    How DNP is going so far

    Hey guys,

    Last tuesday I began a DNP cycle, dosed at the following

    Day5-10- 400mg with 50mcg t3
    Day11-12 200 mg with 50 mcg t3

    This the first time I've ran DNP, I didn't receive any complications are unbearable sides at 200 mg for the first 4 days so I went ahead and bumped it up to 400 as planned.

    Day 1- I had carb depleted all day, Took a DNP at 5 pm, the proceded to carb load. Today I actually LOST 1 pound, by eating absolute shit after 5 pm.

    Day 2- Dnp at 12 noon(this is the time I take for minimal sides). Went out to get food, ate horribly, went to sleep.Surprisingly tho the next morning I lost 2 pounds!

    Day 3- Dnp at noon again. This time I'm fairly confident that I can continue eating like CRAP, but sitll lose weight. BOY was I wrong, I still kept it to one nice meal at a restaurante, but the next morning, after burning hot from the meal, I was up 3 pounds from the day before. Making my net weight loss so far nothing. I still made sure I got the vitals in... 2.5 gallons water, 500ml V8 juice for electroylets, plenty of fruit, minimal fat until that meal.

    Day 4- I say to myself, I have to start eating clean, I'm not gonna waste this stuff, just for the enjoyment of some junk food. So that day I ate perfectly clean, UNTIL we went out for supper again. The meal was fine actually, I had salmon(i know too high fat, but still EFA'S). The problem came wehn our entire table got VIP free desserts.... Then I got sick, very sick, I went home, started puking, but I was burning hot from the DNP, and went to sleep right away. Next morning I woke up 1 pound heavier, and was about to say this stuff is SHIT.

    Day 5- This day I was determined not to **** up, even if I was gonna eat like crap that night, I would make up for it by eating not much during the day. Then I stumbled onto MR. X'S "Not so Natural Fat-Fast diet". Where it talks about supplementing t3, and Tren to lose incredible amounts of FAT fast. This seemed intriguing, but I'm told that when running DNP, one should switch the pro/fat meals to pro/carb. And I did. Not gonna lie, that day I maybe had 1300 calories at a body weight of 190 pounds. WAY too low, but to be perfectly honest it offered a nice set of other benefits too. 1) I didn't feel sick at all that day. 2) It made me appreciate so much the things that I've been choking down for the past couple of months to cut 3) I wasn't uncomfortably hot at ALL that day. Turns out I didn't go out for supper that night, and what do you know, I got away with a very low calori, moderate protein (200 grams maybe), and moderate carb diet (150 grams). Went to sleep and BURNED HOT, the whole night which I found odd because I wasn't hot up until sleeping and I didn't eat recently. Next day I woke up astonished....I looked VERY different, I could see cuts that I hadn't seen before, and even more surprising, I lost 8 pounds! Now I know what you guys are thinking, "WHAT ABOUT MUSCLE?!" To be perfectly honest I don't beleive any of it was muscle. No word of a lie, I measured my arms that very same day, and they were the exact same size, but looked even more cut!

    Day 6- Today wasn't as great as yesterday, While yesterday I was still riding on some of the energy of the previous days eating binge, today I was fulll on low calorie, on DNP mind you, and the lethargy was setting in HARD. I had a carrying shift at work that night, So i didn't perform morning cardio (which btw, is mereely a half hour walking moderate speed on a treadmill, Heart rat about 65%). During the shift, I was as dead as dead can be, I had emulated the previous day's diet perfectly, and was dead tired by 6 oclock. Never have I had such a difficult shift to complete. But what scared me was, I was dizzy, and nauseous. I quickly went over all the baslines... did I get enough water today? Potassium? Sodium? Everythign was covered, So I wasn't too concerned on the dehydration factor, I knew the lethargy was a combination of low calories and DNP. My diet that day consisted of, like the previous day, ONLY fruit/vegetables as my carb source, accompanied by a moderaate amount of LEAN, animal protein for my protein source. NO shakes for me at all on this diet, I need slow digestion to prevent a HUGE crash. By the end of the day, and after popping my last DNP, I was burning hot, and for some reason full of energy, Went to sleep, burned up, and woke up the next morning. 5 pounds lighter than the day before... Net weight loss so far was 13 pounds. WHICH I am very impressed with. First thign I did tho was take measurements, because if I was ever so sure I was doing a diet for muscle catabolism, it was this diet. Arms- were still just below 17 as always, looking nice and cut. This is the shocker the, the waist, DOWN 1.5 inches. And that was 1.5 inches down from the previous 2 days!

    So far though, I've seen what the DNP can do on low calories, I've seen how it doesn't work for me with junk food. I think I'm gonna just go strict, eat clean calories, Still at a cutting amount. Just this time I'm gonna move it up to about 2100 calories, rather than the 1300/1400 I was getting before. I just feel a little too tired with that low of calories, and It gets scary feeling like you're on the verge of passing out. I'll let you guys know how it ends.

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    Good job man, Keep us posted!


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    DNPuser. any more up dates? I am doing a 14 day dnp cycle at the momment. start 200mg day 1 & 2 then 300mg 5 to 7 then 500mg 7 to 9 and now 600mg per day until day 14. This is my first cycle and i am getting no sides apart from the odd eye pain which goes as quick s it comes.

    How you going on any Before and after pics?

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    You sure the weight gain from eating junk wasn't water weight + food in your gut and intestines?

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    i also have am on dnp numerous treads have stated the u cant judge your weight loss on dnp till a week or so after the cycle is over. i also have lost barely nothing but im still taking it so i am not gonna panic.

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    the results seem so varied for DNP , I'd be really curious to try it out though... help cut up for the summer.

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