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    Test Cyp/Dbol cycle.. need help, on 6th week

    Ok bro's, here is the situation:

    I started the cycle at 202~205 (6'3"), and at the end of the 4th week I got up to around 217. I stopped Dbol then, now at the beginning of my 6th week I weigh b/t 211~213. I haven't gained weight since stopping dbol, only lost a few lbs. I have noticed a difference, as all of the weight i've gained is def. on my back. I am getting pretty strong, getting some acne on the back, so I'm pretty sure my gear is good. BD Test Cyp 400mg/week. This is my first cycle, planning on running 12 weeks of the Cyp. I am not sure what is going on, is this normal as the dbol water weight may be going away? I am taking a-dex to help with the bloat.

    Since I know you'll ask, my diet is as follows (dirty bulk):

    breakfast - (7:30) 8 eggs w/a couple slices of ham. Mix is up by adding oatmeal (3/4 cup) or 3 pieces of wheat toast. 1 tbsp of EFA.

    10:30 - tuna sandwhich w/mayo & wheat bread. And a handful of nuts.

    1:30 - either chicken breasts or lean sliced steak with rice & green beans. At least 40g of protein

    4:30 - P shake

    Also either another snack of banana w/peanut butter or protein bar with peanut butter throughout the day.

    7:00 - PWO shake with dextrose

    8:30 - couple chicken breasts or 3 turkey burgers with rice & green beans

    10 - P shake then bed

    Cheat meal once a week, usually chipotle, taco bell, or wendy's. What do you guys think? I lift hard, only 5 days a week. I'm def. not overtraining as I've adjusted my workout to ensure that.

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    Bro, it looks like you need to sort your diet out first. Read this UNoffical "How to Bulk" thread and sample diet...
    You will lose some mass/strength gains after finishing with dbol as thats normal. The cyp should start to kick in soon. Stick with it bro but sort that diet out!

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