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Thread: prop/eq cycle

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    prop/eq cycle

    all right guys im starting at 6'0", 186 lbs, arms 16.5 inches, 32" waist, and a 45.5 inch chest

    testosterone propionate : every other day at 140mg per day-490mg/week
    eq: monday/thursday at 200mg per injection-400mg/week
    novladex: 20mg/day
    and clomid later in pct

    monday/thursday--Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps
    4x flat bench
    4x incline press
    3x decline press
    3x flat flyes
    2x incline flyes
    3x decline flyes
    4x military press
    3x side delt raises
    3x front delt raises
    3x rear delt raises
    3x tricep rope pushdowns
    3x tricep reverse pulley one arm pushdowns
    3x skull crushers

    tuesday/friday--Back, Biceps, and Forearms
    4x deadlifts
    4x wide grip lat pulldowns
    4x one arm bent over rows
    4x seated pulley rows
    4x trap shrugs
    3x preacher curls
    3x hammer curls
    3x concentration curls
    3x barbell wrist curls
    3x reverse barbell wrist curls

    4x squats
    4x leg press
    4x quad extensions
    4x hamstring curls
    4x calf raises



    any criticism at all is greatly appreciated, and is this workout routine to much and could lead to overtraining?
    and if anyone knows how to reformat pic sizes to fit this website's limits, if you could tell me how to fix it, thanks

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    too much exercices for chest an biceps IMO

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