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    My DNP experiment

    I have ran DNP twice in the past with success, and have been happy with my results. However, this time I wanted to mix it up and invent a new dosing scheme to see if I could minimize the low points of the cycle.

    My cycle looked like this:

    Day 1 - 400mg
    Day 2 - 600mg
    Day 3 - 800 mg
    Day 4 - 0 mg
    Day 5 - 800 mg
    Day 6 - 0 mg
    Day 7 - 1000 mg
    Day 8 - 200 mg
    Day 9 - 200 mg
    Day 10 - 200 mg

    As you can see, there were two days separating the maximum 800mg dosage where I didn't take any DNP.

    I began this cycle at 225 lbs, 11% bf or so. After day 10, I was down to 214 and am unsure about bf%. I ended the cycle 3 days ago, so today I am going to carb up with around 600g complex carbs and then resume the usual clean diet. The water has came off by about 1lb every day since completion (Now down to 211), so I am excited to see what I look like by Wednesday of next week. Still a thin layer of water covering my lower abs. I feel really flat as of now, but energy levels are up.

    The interesting thing is that I chose to run this in the middle of a cutting cycle to prevent any muscle loss and see what the interaction with a pretty heavy cycle would be like.

    1-15 Prop @ 150mg/ED
    1-10 Tren @ 100mg/ED
    1-8 Var @ 80mg/ED
    1-13 EQ @ 800mg/EW <- EDIT: Said ED, lol

    I think I am going to have a huge rebound as I up the calories and carbs to my normal level.

    Notes on the cycle:
    Even at those dosages and a carb deplete before the cycle, heat didn't become unbearable until Day 4. Insomnia and soaked sheets from Day 4 until Day 8 were my only bad sides this go around. No feeling of hypo, and low/moderate levels of energy. No difference in feeling from 800mg to 1g. Only made it to the gym once during this bout because of intense sweating and awful fatigue.

    Caloric intake was SUPER low. My maintenance is usually around 3300 cals, and I was ingesting under 2000. No carbs from anything other than juice, fruits, and veggies. Diet was mainly protein, and low in fat. Flax pills, peanut butter, and salmon were sources of EFA's, and protein was only from Chicken breasts / Beef Jerky. Drank some really good fruit drinks that had something like 1000mg potassium as well as take all my Anti oxidants.

    I wanted to experiment and try something new, but I don't recommend this type of dosing to anyone. The high's and low's were terrible, and sleep was impossible. I was a freak at work with my shirts being soaked through, beads of sweat rolling down my face, and constant trips to the bathroom. Coworkers were genuinely concerned. The heatwave we have had in Atlanta made it even worse to walk outside at any point in the day.

    My next go around will be 200mg for 20 days or so and test out the low dose/longevity scheme. I need to be able to function like a normal human being while on the drug, and at those dosages I just don't see it happening.
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    Hey whats up, I read your cycle, it sounds pretty good. The thing with me is that I ran dnp for 10 days ,
    Day 1 - 200mg
    Day 2 - 200mg
    Day 3 - 200 mg
    Day 4 - 400 mg
    Day 5 - 400 mg
    Day 6 - 400 mg
    Day 7 - 600 mg
    Day 8 - 600 mg
    Day 9 - 600 mg
    Day 10 - 600 mg
    But i didnt feel i did much cardio, and my diet seemed really good, i may have ate to much fruit or maybe it was in my head. I am gonna run dnp again in a few weeks, could you please tell me the best way to run it and exactly what to eat and when, and how much to take and so on, please i would really appreciate that very much, even work out routines. Im looking for the best results possible, and it doesnt seem like i got them on my last cycle, and i drank plenty of water 2 gallons a day, n e ways when u get a chance please get back to me bro, thanks alot, and good job on your cycle

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