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    progress on superdrol --

    been on for 2 weeks so far. taking 20 mgs a day. 20 yrs old. 6' tall, my highest weight before the superdrol has been about 193 but that was kind of not very solid, just from eating alot. that was about 2 months ago, since then my weights dropped from my job and other things. i started taking it at 184 2 weeks ago. been training better, and trying to eat better. weighed myself the other nite, and was 192. pretty good for just 2 weeks. strength is pretty good too, im alot stronger at this 192 weight then i was at 193 about 2 months ago from just eating alot. overall id say my lifts are up about 10 percent in almost all categories. side effect wise, ive noticed my face breaking out a bit but nothing serious, also, ive noticed headaches occationally, likely from my bp being elevated. havent noticed any bloat or anything, i almost feel like i look leaner. taking milk thistle- 140mgs a day and red yeast rice. gonna keep dose same and see how it goes.... so far im impressed with the results, im 100% ecto and very tough time putting on muscle mass, and been making good results with this ...ill update in a week or 2.... Ð
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