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    help me with this cycle

    this is my first Thread :
    and my eng not verry will so forgive me
    i`m 27 - 175cm - 77k
    my first cycle was before 10 years it was (sus+deca +winny) and since that i dont lifting good

    and now i`m thinking about agood cycle:
    week 1-10 (sus 250)
    week 1-10 (test e 250)
    week 1-10 (equipoise 300)

    why (sus+test e) to make it five different testosterones
    i think it`s better than (sus 500 a week)

    and i think to add hgh 2iu a day becouse i never took it so 2iu good for first time and it will be for ( 3 month )

    so what do u think .....??

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    id say just stick with the enanthate and eq. bump the test to 500 and the eq to 400 at least! eq needs to be run for 12 wks at least to see the full effect. id lay off the hgh for a few years or cycles. jmo

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