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    when can i go back on Test.

    I just finished two cycles of Testosterone depot. I took the cycles right after each other. It has been six weeks now, I am considering taking another Testosterone Cycle. Is six weeks long enough?

    I plan to either take Testosterone Depot or Testosterona 200. Both of which are enanthate . Any advise?????????????

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    listen bro....
    what you are decribing is called abuse... mainly drug abuse... if you want to do AS be responsible and most of all be careful. you need to give your body enough time to get back to stasis.... meaning a normal state... six weeks after a back to back cycle is NOT enough time.. I took 5 months off after a simple cycle of deca and sust... and just now started another one..

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    i was thinking the same thing too.


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    Most people say you should take the same amount of off time as on time (including clomid therapy etc...) So if your cycle was 10 weeks and your clomid therapy 3 weeks then you should stay off a minimum off 13 weeks.

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