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    Really Need Feedback!!!!!!!

    I dont mean to sound like I am complaining or am I being a panzy BUT i just started a cycle

    sust 500 wk 1-10
    deca 400 wk 1-10

    and i am at the end of week two and have gained 10lbs and to be honest it is scareing me a little... i gained ten pound off my first cycle alone that i ran for 10 weeks .. i am 6-2 195 8% bf VERY LEAN...

    any one went through this before now i am seriousely thinking of cuting back to 250/wk and 200/wk please let me know if any of you have had same experience.

    i weighed 185 and just wanted to get to 200lbs maybe 210...

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    diet or water retention...I wouldnt worry too much you should be fine-be happy

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    Ten extra pounds showing up on the scale in two weeks can be caused by several things that aren't muscle: water retention caused by the steroids , or from just drinking more water before you weigh-in; an increase in amount of food in intestinal tract or even the time of day you weigh yourself.

    (The best time to weigh yourslef is in the AM, after you wake up and go to the bathroom; that seems to give you a very stable daily weight.)

    Just hang in there & don't worry. Not a lot of guys finish a cycle and say "damn, I wish I hadn't put on so much muscle!"

    Radical body change is sometimes shocking. You will get used to it!
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    thanks guys ill keep that in mind and keep doing what i am doing...

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