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    First Cycle EQ+DEC VS SES

    I am new to AS and was going to start a cycle with EQ + Deca + Clen it's very clear that I should at least start with Test alone or to include it into the above stack.

    Question: For a first time user I'm being told to run a cycle of Sustanon , EQ, Deca to put on weight and mass and not inc. clen. (I do like to maintain a lean frame though)...and that I'll need to eat 4-5k in healthy calories with high protein and let the muscle mature on my frame...then start another cycle in March 06 with parabolon, halotestin and winstrol & clen to melt the fat and water weight to achieve a ripped frame...

    How does this sound?
    Steroids are safe when used in this moderate if the doses are proper?

    Thanks in advance everyone...


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    u need to run test with decca

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