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    Cycle question (Water Retention)

    OK .. I'm starting week 3 of my:

    Dbol 1-4 (30mg / day)
    Sust 1-16 (500mg/wk / 125 EOD)
    EQ 1-16 (400mg/wk 200mg twice weekly)

    I've been running Femera (Letro) .25cc / day since day 1 ... and I've gone up a few pounds, and have the EQ hunger like mad, I've started to feel some strength gains from the Dbol.

    My question now is ... my shoulder it starting to have a little tweak with the weights going up. I know the letro is good to run, but is it blocking the water retention? I don't want to look bloated, but if it's going to make things easier on my shoulder / joints can I stop the letro and let the dbol retain water like it wants to.

    I don't think the dosages I'm taking should cause too much of a problem that I'd need to run the letro the whole time...


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    Were you planning on running the letro for the entire cycle..if so you should at least switch to idex

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    That was the original plan ... but I think I'm going to cut it and just watch for side effect signs and take it if need be.

    Actually the wierd thing is ... my back was breaking out ... I stopped taking the letro 2 days ago and 'co-incidently' my back is clearing up.

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