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    Need Help cutting while preserving muscle

    I am 6'5 275lbs I am about 18.6 percent body fat. I am not interested in getting huge I bench around 340 and squat in the 500's not real interested in getting much stronger either I can do this naturally. What I need help in is getting my hands on some clen and cytomel along with some win tabs and primo tabs. I am not interested in any major side affects so I chose to cycle all of this together hoping to get down to low teens upper single digits in bf% while just maintaining most of my strength and muscle. I dont want to take any injections. If somebody could please help me with a website or mail order or something and if you know of any other substances that are low in side effects (mainly sperm and testicle), dont put on to much weight and help to maintain muscle and strength during a cutting phase I would really appreciate the info. I have never tried juice and thought I never would but ever time I try to cut bf% naturally I lose weight and muscle and strength. thanks in advance
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    Hey bro you might want to edit this you're setting yourself up to be scammed.

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