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    europe, italy

    12 weeker Test E, EQ, TREN

    This is what my cycle looks like

    1-12 = Test E 500mg
    1-11 = EQ 400mg
    3-12 = Trenbolone Depot 200mg E/week
    6-12 = 25mcg T3

    As i am writing this I am currently in my 3rd week......
    I am noticing some spots on my face and back, I feel a little pumped up when I start working out.... but I know that it is still too early to notice actual differnce.
    I added 30mg D bols for 4 weeks to this cycle.... as a jump start, I will keep you posted on my progress.

    Started out at 170lbs and I right now I am 174.5 pounds

    my goal is to get up to 185 - 190 lbs since that I am LEAN BULKING.... I am currently at 9-10bf dont want to get to more that 11bf and for summer I want to be 8% bf

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    Awesome dude I actually plan to run something similar after the new year, good luck and keep us updated!

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    Any updates?

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    Running something similar very soon any updates?

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