Alright boys there's been a change in plans since my last post when I was gonna go for the sus and deca ......I bought 2 vials of TT EQ recently and was planning on takin it for 8-10 with Tornel Test Enth at 400/400 frontload 800/800 first week? Anyways....I was contemplating whether or not I should hold on to the EQ for a leaning out cycle and just buy some dbols (15-20 mg for 3-4 weeks) to take with the enth at 400 a week? What would be the better combo for a first cycle?

Might I add I have 2-3 years of lifting exp. and am also very educated with nutrition. My weight training and nutrition plan are as follows: a combo of Ian King and Charles Poliquin workout routines and a consumption of roughly 5000-6000 kcal a day.

stats: 5'8 165 10% bodyfat