Yesterday i finished week1 of my cutting cycle wich at the momment constist of: 400mg dnp /d, 50mg T3/d, 100mg ephedrine/d, 250mg caffeine/d and 125mg madopar/d. I`m doing a 7 days programs inluding 4 days mountain biking 30min/d and 3 days weight lifting 30min/d
I started at 102kgr 25%bf now i`m 98kgr unknown %bf.
I will continue this cycle for 3weeks more and then i`ll hit:
500mg/w equipose weeks 1-8
100mg/eod propionate weeks 1-8
50mg/d winny weeks 4-8
400mg dnp/d weeks 4-8
50mg T3/d weeks 4-8

Then i`ll close with clomid and get some clenbuterol and combine it with eca stack 2 weeks on 2 weeks off for 8weeks.

What do you think bros? Will i make it? i will do my best!
I`m counting to drop my bf to 1digit % (7-9)
My diet is strict for serius cutting.