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Thread: Please comment

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    Question Please comment

    Hi all

    Can you please comment the following cycle for mass

    Week 1 :25 mg d-bol
    Week 2 :30 mg d-bol
    Week 3 : 35mg d-bol , 400mg deca
    Week 4 : 500mg deca
    week 5 : 600mg deca , 600mg test cypionate
    week 6 : 800mg test cyp
    week 7 : 1000mg test cyp , 35mg d-bol
    week 8 : 30mg d-bol
    week 9 : 25mg d bol , 600mg deca
    week 10: 500mg deca
    week 11: 400mg deca , 1000mg test cyp
    week 12: 800mg test cyp
    week 13: 600mg test cyp
    week14: HCG 1000iu , nolvadex 1 tbl per day
    week 15:HCG 1000iu , nolvadex 1 tbl per day
    week 16:nolvadex 1 tbl per day

    Also can any one please tell me what the advantages of using clomid instead of nolvadex is.
    Any input appreceated

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    Firstly welcome. Secondly why taper and lastly(with no flame intended but) that cycle looks scattered i mean ya dbol is weeks 1-3 then it comes back in at weeks 8-9? am i reading that right.Oh also the deca why not stick with a figure between 400-600 dont taper.Im sure the lads will help you out with this.......HITMAN

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    The idea behind only using dianabol for three weeks is because allegedly it shuts the receptors and using it for longer than 3 weeks doesn't ield good results - don't know how true this is

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    Okay Pitbull, I'll answer some of your questions.

    But first: Tell us about yourself-stats (age, bf%), workout experience, cycle experience, what you want to gain from this cycle. After this people can give you better advice on your cycle.

    Dbol is generally used to "jump start" your cycle. It has a half-life of about 3-4 hours so it needs to be taken throughout the day. Deca and test take about 3-4 weeks to start hitting your system so start it at the very beginning also so that when you stop the dbol they have started to kick in. The main reason not to run the dbol more than 4-6 weeks is because it is 17 aa, which is very toxic on the liver and running it longer than that could be very hard on you.

    Tapering is generally not a good idea nowadays, so after you give your stats, etc., someone can suggest how much to run and when of the appropriate gear you have listed.

    Nolvadex is an anti-estrogen, you can do a "search" in the drug profiles to find out about it. Clomid is generally used as a post-cycle treatment to jump start your nads into producing natural test again - main benefit is to help keep your gains.

    I'll leave it in your court now bro. Good Luck!



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    My stats are

    age 23
    weight(now) : 95kg / 209 lbs
    training experience : bodybuilding - clean 2years
    powerlifting - 5 years - 3 years clean
    clean = no aas
    This year I want to bulk to be able to compete in the heavy or light heavyweight class bodybuilding next year .

    Height : 1,74m - sorry don't have that in inches

    I have an open mind so any other suggestions as to what products to use when and how appreciated . I normally do only 2 cycles a year

    cycle experience 2 years

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    Bro...too much thinking involved here. Simplify:

    weeks 1-4 dbol @ 35-50mg/day
    weeks 1-10 deca @ 400mg/week
    weeks 1-10 cyp @ 800mg/week

    Nolva on hand in case of gyno symptoms only (it can hinder gains)

    Clomid post cycle to help reboot your bodys natural production of test and solidify your gains

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