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    how good gains to expect? sust/d-bol/winny

    Hi! Im new to the board, mostly hanging at the scandinavian boards, but decided to register here as well after reading through the posts. Seems to be a cool board.

    Im wondering how good gains to expect from the cycle I started last thursday.

    -week 1-4 : D-bol 20mg/day
    -week 1-10 : Sustanon 500mg/week
    -week 7-12 : Winny 50mg/day
    -week 12-14: Clomid treatment + clenbuterol
    -Gonna use Nolvadex through the whole cycle to keep the water-retention down, starting week 2.

    My stats:
    17% bf
    age: 25

    Training experience: 3 years.
    Earlier AAS-experience: 6weeks Winny cycle.
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