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    Cool Cycle Results so far

    Howdy thought id share my results so far
    I am 30 years old ,natural trainer for 3 yrs, serious dieting for 1 (in terms of eating clean food) my goals when I started training 3 yrs ago were to lose wieght (i weighed 16 stone mostly fat) and develope a better physique, most of my jobs have been desk jobs (IT stuff) thought it was time to get in shape before the bell tolls and all that. having brought my weight down to 200 pounds over the 3 yrs and getting a fair physique i perused forums such as this one anabolx and meso got some good information and enough to make an educated descision on enhanced supplementation.

    My cycle if it could be called such consists of 100 mg EOD of testosterone suspension and 50 mg of Winstrol EOD cycle length to be 10 wks I procured nolvadex and clomid for post cycle testicular recuperation and combat any signs of estrogen bounce.

    My training regime has consisted of :
    mon legs/abs/
    tues Chest/back/front delts
    wed Rest
    thur legs/abs/side-rear delts
    fri chest/back/arms
    sat/sun Rest

    Diet and supplementation :
    mon-sat clean foods boiled chicken tuna egg noodles steak vegatables 1 multivit (mega dose hi bioavailability type) 20g of BCAA in tablet form, morning i have 1 litre of water with 5 g creatine and 10 g glutimine (it dont taste pretty but does the job) milk of thistle 3 tabs. 2 standard whey protien drinks about 40g protien per
    sun semi lardy foodstuffs pasta tuna WITH mayo, peanut butter, whey protiens scones(my gf makes em for me and there delightful topped with .....) you get the idea and of course the obligitory whey protien shakes.

    Im just starting my 4th week thus far i have gained 9 pounds and now weigh 209 pounds, so far the only side effects of note have been restlessness and lack of sleep, workouts have been excellent with intensity up and a marginal increase in strength also the anticipated rise in labido has thus far failed to materialise.

    The psychological impact as observed by friends and my partner has been that of increased excitability ie im fairly aggressive and beligerant (i must admit i "feel" quite powerful or more "manly" if you will). Strange thing is I feel quite serene even when i have been told im being aggressive att hat time.

    Gains have been pretty good, though I have gained nothing on my arms I can see definate thickness in my pectorals and delts and more of a sweep to my legs. On the whole this has been to date a very positive experience one which I hope will progress in the same vien. Im not hoping to compete or anything so grand my goals for this cycle were to put on muscular mass and increase the likley hood that i will achieve the illusion (that of broad shoulder narrow waist caverness chest).

    Ill hopefully update again when I have gained more wieght or side effects become more noticable.

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    welcome bro keep us posted

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    Post updates

    I shall certainly try and keep upadating, just noticed 2 small swellings behind my ears (1 on each side) they feel like glands not sure what this means to be honest, not overly worried at the moment about it if they grow painfull ill consider discontinuance or seeing a gp.

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