im a 24 yr old male. im gonna start of by saying i took a cycle of 15 winnies 4 yrs ago and a cycle of sust 2 yrs ago ( only 5 cc's ) cause i had allergies so i stoped.
well i started my cycle 4 weeks ago..
im takeing 1cc of duratest every 5 days. im planing on going for 14cc's
i also have stromba 100mg cc's im gonna start in a couple weeks im planing on taken them every 3 days .. i have 14 of those.
ill take some clomid a couple weeks after im done my cycle.

anyways im 5'7 and weigh 170lbs
when i started my cycle 4 weeks ago i was about 163lbs ( seemed like i gained those 7 lbs in my first week on )
i have been making gains in the gym my bench has gone up from 275 x 3 to 275 x 6.
my side effects are warm body and extrem tiredness.. my body feels like i just got out a hot tub and i have no energy.????
i eat about 150- 200g protien a day . im just not hungry alot of the time.?
does anynbody know what i can do to (wild out ) and get my energy back.. Please help !!!!