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    Talking happy with results

    I just wanted to let you guys know how I did with my cycle. The 500 EQ, 500 Test en., and 40 d-bol wks 1-3 was great. I gained much strength and almost 25 lbs. in weight. I don't like the round bloated look so at the end, I started to reduce calories and do some cardio. I ate very clean and even though I lost 15 lbs., I am very happy with the results. I look more vascular and people are always telling me I look bigger than when I was at 220. I am now at 200 and have started clomid. I am actually thinking about competition in local shows. Thanks for all your help and suppoirt guys. I will post some pics as well.

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    What was your weight before you started the cycle? How tall are you?

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    Sounds like you really enjoyed your cycle. Looking forward to seeing your pics. 25lbs. is huge! What was your diet like 'cause I'd like to compare.


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