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    Novice cycle advice needed !

    I am 18 , 6'2 and 200 pounds with 14% bf. I have been training for 2 years. I did half a cycle of deca 300 mg after my first year of lifting. I got some pretty decent strength/size gains. I didnt really like the swelled up/puffy look I got from it though.
    I am looking to do another cycle. One that puts on lean hard muscle mass. I want to put on some nice muscle while keeping it lean/hard/toned looking.
    I was thinking of doing Deca Durabolin weeks 1-10 at 300 mg a week and from weeks 3-10 doing 50 mg of Winny V every three days.
    I want to stay away from the more harmful roids. Please give me input on this cycle and what kind of gains I can expect. Also if there is another kind of cycle that would help me achieve my goals better.

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    try equipoise rather than deca . it works the same but without bloat and as many sides.(deca has many side effects)
    go 400mg per week for 10 weeks and do winny at 50mg per day for last 5 weeks. wait 2-3 weeks after last shot and do clomid
    should get some good results. pm me if you need to

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