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    Week 3(Dbol/Ethanate/Equiopose) Results

    Whats up guys Im almost done with my third week of my cycle Took my sixth shot got 14more I was disappointed for a while but this week has been a complete turn around Ive gain 6lbs in 17days which isnt that much but i think its because im taking arimidex with my cycle so the water weight isnt that high Any way my bench press has gone up quite a bit already Went from 275 for 2- 275 for 6 and 315 for none to 315 for 2 And today i squatted 495lbs for one I was only able to do 455 for one like 2 weeks ago The pumps are starting to kick in now too It hurts BAD!!!!!!!!!! I think the hunger from the Equipose is starting to set in

    Well just wondering if im gettiing stronger than how come im not putting on a whole bunch of weight I know i eat enough food per day and drink enough water Could it be im dropping BF cause i look a little leaner and the vascularity is starting to show more Especially in more forarms and arms Maybe im growing and not even noticing it?????? Ill keep you guys posted about whats going on

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    good job bro
    6lbs in 3 weeks is a good gain and if you are dropping fat and still gaining weight thats great
    thats what i've been doing this cycle gained bouit 5 or 6 lbs but dropped fat tremendously so a gain of 15lbs muscle area so far

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    How are things coming along? Looks to me like the arimidex is doing its aren't experiencing HUGE weight gains because the arimidex is keeping the Dbol bloat to a minimum. Keep us updated bro !!!!!!!

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