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    Cutting Cycle and Cardio

    hi guys! Hey i need some advice! i've been working our for 5 years and whilst i've build some serious muscle ( without steriods etc) i've still got some fata round the middle ( 24% fat). I've just started on a steriod cycle called ( combination cutting cycle)... deca /winstrol for 4 weeks then prima/t3 for 4 weeks the back to deca/winstrol for 4 weeks. Can I run 4/5 miles each day on this cycle without damaging myself? I am getting conflicting advice from my buddies. Alternatively what tips can you give me to lose fat fast???? Can I use "hydroxycut" whilst on steroids ? Karl

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    Id suggest you get a heart monitor and do cardio at your target heart rate for 35-40 mins 5 times a week.

    Whats your diet look like?

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