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    cycle update 8 weeks done with 2 left

    cycle still going good
    went up on omni for a couple of weeks to 1000mg per week to counter act the sides from deca
    dropped deca out of cycle as nipples were hurting and nolvs and clomid were not helping so progestrone was bothering me. also usually when i'm on cycle i look at my wife and get hard but was getting to point that she had to touch for that to happen(which of course was bothering her-thinking i lost interset in her)so cut out deca upped omni and now almost 2 weeks later nipples much better and back to usual with hards(thank goodness)
    still weighing about 242 but much harder and more muscular and still getting stronger and leaner

    i'll update in about 2 weeks

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    Sounds good bro and definately keep us updated.

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    Yeah, keep us updated, and post some pics if possible! Good luck bro.

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