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    Buddy on Dbol and test..His bench press went like this..

    My buddy started taking dbol and test. I lift with him everyday, the same muscles, we spot each other and do the exact workouts. His bench on day 1 was 205x5..225x2.. 5 days later we did chest again, his reps where 205x7..225x3.. Another 5 days later at chest again, his bench was 205x10..215x8.. Now this week he lifted 225x6..245x3.. Hes been at 205x3-5reps for the last 6 months, now he is blasting through his chest workouts, adding 2-3 reps every week. Im just wondering how long this will last. He plans on going 10 weeks, and just finished 3 weeks. His goal was to bench 275 before he started, now his goal is to bench 295 after week 10. Is this possable. And oh yea, he just ended his dbol today. He gained 7lbs the first week, and is up about 12lbs in just over 3 weeks.

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    What kind of test and d-bol is taking?

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    Sounds about right

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