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Thread: Diary of Khaoz

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    Diary of Khaoz

    I liked ERADIKATE and his diary...
    Im about to start my next Stack... I figure i could do this diary TOO...
    Since my AS has not got here yet and it will prolly take another month...
    Ill just go over what i had planned on doing...

    Primabolan-Depot: 100Mg For 8 wks (each wk)
    Russian-DBol : 2 Morning 2 Evening (30Mg per day)
    Sust250: 500Mg 8wks (each wk)
    Winstrol -V: 50 or 100 Mg's? (each wk)
    I figured i would ask about the V... Im not sure how much would be right for this stack exactly...

    I have never ran the D-Bols or Sust...

    I planned on useing Clomid for Anti-Estrogen
    This will help keep my gains too Right? or is there sompthing i should rather use with this stack?

    All help along the way would be kool

    I had planned on useing 1000Mg primerose for liver toxity
    Unless otherwise told?

    Any Vitamins im going to need plz let me know
    And anything else im missing on here that im going to need let me know

    I have my diet planned out already i will post it on my next post

    Im looking forward to doing this...

    I will be keeping pictures throught the "Diary"... I will try to get you guys some B4's up on here in the next few days...

    A little about myself
    Im 140 P's
    No mes on my arms/legs or nothing like that yet ( i will get them up in a few)
    How do i mes body fat%?

    Maybe someone has a better workout routine than the one i got?
    Workout for 3 days then take 4 days off
    Carb load OFF DAYS
    Within 30 Min after workouts EAT to replenish carbs
    Looking at a 30% Proteins and 70% carbs
    The carbs will spare the protein for muscle building? this will mean fastR recovery and bulkier muscle...

    My buddys mom has this meal she can make its got like 900 calories...
    I figure if i could munch these all day and try to take in upwards 3,000 calories a day that would be all the cals i would need right?

    My nitrogen balance should stay positive at all times i would think or does it matter?

    im going to try to do 3 big spoons of brewers yeast morning and 3 evening... I kouldnt stomache this shit last time... im going to try again thoe...

    I already got some Egg protein 100% L-form aminos

    I need a good routine...
    I Roof Houses for a living so i stay active...
    I have to go get some disk for my digital kam... so i kan put some B4's on here.. so i will katch youZ laterZ im off to smoke a DoobY

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    HELL - I got the last col
    Russian Dbols are 5mgs each...2 in the am and 2 in the pm is only 20mg.....i wake up at 8pm and take 1 every 2 hours until out to be 35mg.....

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    I actually have 3 morn 3 even in mind...
    My Bad
    Thanx for the korrektion

    ok so 35 mg sounds good i will have plenty of D-Bols left
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    Khoaz, spread the dbol more evenly over the day just like Kunipshinfit says. This will def be beneficial due to Dbols half life. I dont knwo anything about the winnny. However, clomid as an anti e as been debated on here alot. What i hear is to have nolva on hand as the anti e of choice if symptoms arise (gyno, etc). Have the clomid post cycle in order to jump start your nuts to keep the gains. There are many charts to consult when determining when to start your clomid. It is when the last steroid exits your body.

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    Thanx Tank
    Thats what i will do then... i will figure out what steroid leaves my body last too..
    Right now im still waiting on my juice to come in...

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