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    First post/ First cycle?

    Iíve been reading and absorbing all of the good information posted on this site for a while and Iíve learned a great deal. Iíve followed the rules by not posting with questions until Iíve read the educational posts and researched different programs to follow. Iím in my early thirties and have been lifting for two years and have had noticeable gains. I started with a comprehensive diet and training plan and Iíve supplemented with assorted OTC. Well itís time for my first cycle, which will move me closer to my goal of 220 lbs with 7% and a very noticeable size and strength increases. Current weight is 187 with 10% BF Take a look at my proposed cycle and offer any insights or suggestion you may have.
    Deca Wk 1 100cc Dbol 25mg
    Wk 2 200cc Dbol 25mg
    Wk 3 300cc Dbol 25mg
    Wk 4 400cc Dbol 25mg
    Wk 5 400cc
    Wk 6 400cc
    Wk 7 300cc
    Wk 8 300cc
    Wk 9 200cc
    Wk 10 100cc
    Wait three weeks then start Clomid therpy.

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    Many would agree that you need not taper your cycle...throw some test in there as well.

    IMO I would run it like this:
    wk 1-4 dbol 30mg/ed
    wk 1-10 test 400-500mg/wk
    wk 1-10 deca 300-400mgwk
    post-cycle: clomid 300mg/day1 100mg/10 days 50mg/10 days

    *I myself would also change the deca for eq, but that's just me.

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    Thanks for the input and suggestions; I appreciate you taking the time to answer my first post. Would you elaborate as to why EQ is your choice. I was planning on including Test 200 in my cycle, however a few of the threads as well as cycles for stacking and cycle for novices (both under steroid resources on main page) seem to contradict one another. Now I do understand that research is key, however it can be a bit confusing when so many of the post are different. A post by SK* titled "Creating a perfect cycle for the newbieĒ had a ton of good suggestions; Iím considering this one as a cycle. As for tapering, I agree that most indicate that tapering is not the route to take, but once again there seems to be a contradiction in the "steroid resources" area on the main page. I'm just trying to make the best possible decision on the proper gear to use.

    Anyone else with good suggestions please chime in. Thanks in advance

    "The kazual one" (pronounced Casual)

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    Deca has more sides-period. And one of the major sides is gyno, which comes from progesterone instead of estrogen like most steroids , so
    anti-e's wont do anything for it. Bromocriptine is the best to combat it and it's usually harder to find than anti-e's.
    EQ will give you a nice hard, vascular look, and the gains will be lean keepable mass. EQ is very mild so sides are far less probable.

    Test should be used as a base for any cycle and it should be extended one week longer then your Deca/EQ(which ever you choose).

    Tapering is not necessary

    Here's the cycle I would suggest
    Wk 1-11 400mg Test enanathate
    Wk 1-10 400mg EQ
    Wk 1-4 30-40mg dbol ED
    Clomid Wks 13-16 on a 300/100/50 split
    Nolvadex on hand for gyno
    Arimidex if bloat is a concern(if affordable, pick up in addition to nolva anyway)

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    I agree with pheedno. The cycle he has listed is rock solid. I will be running a similiar cycle in about a month, but I think I'm going to start my cycle with anavar instead of D-bol. I will also be adding fina and winny to the end of mine. ED injections isn't a good idea for a newbie, so stick with what pheedno said and you will be fine. Have a good and good luck!!!

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    Thanks for all of the inputs. Take a look at the revised cycle please note that this cycle was put together with ideas from various members on the site. IMO the info is outstanding and is pointing me in the right direction.

    week 1-4 dbol
    week 1-10 Deca
    week 1-11 Test
    week 1-4 milk thisle 1500mg ed
    week 7-13 milk thisle 1000mg ed
    week 1-4 ALA 800mg ed
    week 7-13 ALA 800mg ed
    clomid therpy to start week 13

    Thanks for the suggestions with EQ instead of Deca, however I will give Deca a try for my first cycle. Also I am planning on running armidex for the length of the cycle, however I'm confused as to the dosage to use.

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