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Thread: fina first time

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    jacked19 is offline New Member
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    Aug 2002

    fina first time

    I am about to do my first fina cycle. I want to know some side effects. I have 4 friends on right now no acne, no fina dick, nothing except alot of anger and crazy results! Are they just lucky? They say the injections don't hurt? I have heard other wise

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    realer is offline Associate Member
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    Jun 2002
    they don't hurt. you will love fina and its crazy pumps. u wont be disappointed!
    later and good luck bro..

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    Sep 2002
    I also am thinking about Fina but i have some questions about it. Is there a retailer that makes the oil based or do you have to get one of those kits and make it. I would much rather buy it from a retailer than have to make it myself. Any help would be appreciated

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    babi is offline Associate Member
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    yeah!thats what i wanna hear about fina,i am about to give it a try myself

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    im currently on a fina only cycle.

    Next time i will run test with it, even tho i havent had fina dick.
    Ive had a bit of acne and some aggression but nothing hardcore.

    Make sure you research it though, you might run into common sides and you dont want to be caught off guard.

    if you have a good kit, you wont have painful injections but prepare for some soreness for the first week or two.

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