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    Question winny/equipoise or deca/prima

    Well, I'm roughly 6'0, 230lbs, and completed a cycle last year of deca /sus. Surprisingly enough I didn't feel I got what I should have from the cycle.

    Now it's time to create a new one and HOPE TO GET SHREDDED SO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK

    wks(1-10)=winny --> 50mg/1ml EOD
    wks(1-10)=Primabolan depot --> ???
    wks(1-10)=Equipoise (300mg/weekly) or Deca (400mg/weekly)
    wks(10-11)=Clomid 50mg --> 2 tabs daily
    wk(12)=Clomid 50mg --> 1 tab daily

    Basically, I looking to find out what dose primabolan I should be on and whether I should go on equipoise or deca. Furthermore, where and I gonna put all this volume in my body and what kind of diet should I implement in order to cut the hell up. Should I do Cardio, protein supplement, xenadrine, and meal replacements....

    any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    Winny for 10 weeks......AWWW.

    No flame bro but it looks like you need some MORE research before you start another cycle. IMO....EQ should be ran at a min. of 400mg per week. If you are going for a cutting cycle then you need to use EQ over Deca , cause Deca is used mainly for bulking. This is how i would run Primo/Eq/Winny:

    Weeks 1-10 Eq 400mg
    Weeks 1-10 Primo 400mg
    Weeks 8-13 Winny 50mg/Everyday

    Start clomid 8-12 hours after your last winny inject (or tab). Split your EQ and Primo shots into 2 times a week.


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    another question

    I appreciate your help and plan to follow thru with the cycle suggested but my next question is how do I eat, and how much clomid and at what dose?

    I was looking to take myoplex meal replacements, xendarine, and isopure (no carb) protein. What do you think?

    Should I also do CARDIO???

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